The 3D Golf BioDynamics System

In-Depth Guide

Total Golf Analysis utilises the Golf BioDynamics (GBD) software developed by GBD founder Dr Robert Neal specifically for use in the golf industry.

Set out below are many of the developments of our own proprietary GBD software which we believe leads the market in real-time 3D swing analysis, assisting you in developing a much greater understanding of your golf swing and how to direct improvements to improve force production, consistency and reduce your future risk of injury. This is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your true golfing potential!

Comprehensive Data Collection

Our analysis can be undertaken utilising multiple models, with varying number of sensors available:

  • Standard model (5 sensors, 6 body segments)
  • Club and body model (6 sensors, 6 body segments and club)
  • Ultimate model (7 sensors, 9 body segments)
  • Upper body model (7 sensors, 9 body segments)
  • Putting model (6 sensors, 6 body segments and putter)

15 variables chosen to suit your needs from a selection of over 250 are displayed in real time.

Reports are produced within seconds of capturing data, without the need to first save and process on the computer.

All segments are digitised, with calibrated data reporting against an anatomically relevant coordinate system.

The system can easily be set to capture data from any club, making the corridors relevant for your particular equipment.

Cutting Edge Animation

The Golf BioDynamics system produces cutting edge fully 3D rendered computer graphics.

The animation can be viewed from any orientation, with thea zoom facility enabling the operator to focus on the segment in question.

You can also view graphs alongside the animation for a more detailed analysis of the quality of movement.

The swing animation rate can easily be slowed down or increased to gain greater understanding of the quality of movement, while segments can be removed from the animation, allowing you to focus directly on the relevant issues.

Detailed Reports

Various reports can be produced, from one to ten pages, with both metric and imperial measurements available.

We can report on individual swings or use a collection of data from a number of swings, averaged to give a useful of your swing action.

Corridors for the key variables are displayed within the report.

Using GBD Output to Achieve Your Goals

The system output - both reports and the screen images - can be saved as PDF files and e-mailed to you directly from the system.

Free viewer software can be supplied for players and coaches to view the animation and data on their own computer.

A front-end summary can be produced to make the report easier to understand for players, coaches and allied health professionals, so you can work with experts in each field to address the specific areas needed to help you achieve your goals.

Biofeedback is also available to speed up the skill acquisition process.