Golf International magazine

"Experiencing the Golf BioDynamics system at first hand was a real eye-opener for me who, as a golf equipment editor, has spent far too much time on my golf gear and far too little on my golf swing itself.

I've had my share of lessons over the years, but Stewart and Mark's expertise, combined with the detailed biomechanical reports, gave me an immediate insight into the workings of my swing and how, in particular, improving my technique would help my long-term back and neck problems.

Being able to measure the positions and movements in my swing, and see these numbers in relation to the ideal prescribed 'corridors', gave me a far better understanding of the areas on which I need to focus than simple video analysis could ever do.

Not forgetting the biofeedback feature which really helped me improve areas like shoulder alignment, spine angle and head sway - almost immediately.

I only wish I could take it home with me."

Dominic Pedler - Equipment Editor, Golf International magazine

For Dominic's full report on his experience of Golf BioDynamics with Total Golf Analysis, see the May 2007 issue of Golf International magazine (on sale 13 April) or visit our articles page.


"Total Golf Analysis is a real star, their 3D body mapping programme uses the fundamentals of biomechanics to fault find and provide instant fixes. Highly recommended for total beginners to tour pros!"

Nick Bayly - Editor, Golf News


"Unlike with a video, which requires playback after the event, you can see where you are going right - or, perhaps more realistically, where you are going wrong - immediately, which is descibed as real-time. Thus, the whole process is speeded up immeasurably. And the beauty of it all is that you are not blinded by science - everything is broken down into fairly simplistic terms."

Paul Symes - Sports Editor, Croydon Advertiser


"Being able to work with clients using the 3D systems has proven to give vital feedback to the clients and coach alike. Once faults have been isolated by the demographics, coach and pupil set to work feeling the changes, by way of a buzzer that sounds when they hit the right position. This system encapsulates the three major learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. A great tool in the ever developing world of golf coaching."

Jamie Donaldson - Director, TP Golf Academy


"I am 54 and came back to the game after 30 years of virtually no play. I was in introduced to Stewart and Mark through the Wentworth Club. The 3D approach has been a revelation and used in conjunction with regular conventional coaching has provided a clear set of 'areas for development'. This is not a quick fix approach, but for those who really take a longer term view to improving their game, it is a massively valuable tool. I am having regular approximately six-weekly sessions now - and can keep track of precisely what is happening in my development. I feel I am now working in a much more structured and deliberate way as I try to progress. There is no doubt that there are quite a few things I am working on that I would never have got to had I not tried this approach - none more challenging than 'leading out with the hips'. You will find working with Stewart and Mark both great fun and massively helpful."

Frank Chapman (20 handicap) - Wentworth Club


"3D motion analysis is the definitive tool for analysing the golf swing. The system reaches beyond the capabilities of conventional video analysis, providing information that tells you exactly what is happening in the swing, not only in the positioning but measuring and quantifying the sequencing and efficiency of the movement. The system removes the guesswork and deals with the truth! Any golfer serious about maximising their potential must take advantage of this technology!"

Mark Johnson - PGA Professional


"The members at Wentworth had a fantastic day with Stewart and Mark from Total Golf Analysis - it's a must for any club wanting to give their members every opportunity to improve their games.

Mark and Stewart are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, complementing any methodology any coaches may have. As a coach this is a real must to improve the way we teach golf.

We look forward to seeing Total Golf Analysis back at Wentworth in the very near future."

Duncan Woolger - Professional, Wentworth Club


"As a coach I am constantly looking for more effective ways of communicating with my players. 3D analysis not only provides me with quantifiable information, but also gives the player real time feedback when making prescribed changes. I firmly believe 3D analysis is a key link in any coaching chain."

Hugh Marr - FPGA Head Coach, Surrey County Golf Union


"The real thing is that I think it is a wonderful tool for the teacher and the student to help diagnose problems and to plan a course of instruction and I think it's a good reality check to see how you are progressing. I also think that the biofeedback is incredibly helpful, but I think you need to do it on a regular basis to get the full benefit. If I'm really honest though, the thing that makes me keep coming back is getting to know, understand and form a good working relationship with high quality coaches that are honest with you and help you assess your own game honestly."

Bruce Carter (12 handicap) - Selsdon Park Golf Club


"As you know, I have been developing my golf game using the traditional facilities of the golf range and the teaching staff for nearly twenty years. In that time I have recieved many valuable lessons that have helped me through the difficult times that this game brings to every player.

I have to say that during this period, the introduction of your 3D system in my view is the single most important development in golf teaching. My reason is that successful teaching occurs when the student understands what they are doing now to hit the golf ball and what they should be doing to improve.

The 3D report provides you with the specific swing information pointing out what's good, acceptable and what needs to be improved.

The follow-up sessions using the 3D equipment and sound monitors really do guide you to move into the right positions and reinforce what good feels like!

For me the 3D system takes the guesswork out of fault analysis. It represents a totally unbiased view of the facts that allow coaching to occur around the real areas that you need to improve upon to help your game.

Since using the 3D, my handicap has reduced from 6 to 4 in just two months."

Chris Allbut (4 handicap) - Croham Hurst Golf Club


"As a strength and conditioning coach I have worked with various sportsmen and women from track and field through to golf. Many come to me with input from their technical coaches about how they want to train. In my experience I have found that what the coach believes the athlete is doing wrong does not always tie up with performance tests administered - often that is not where the breakdown has first occurred.

Working with TGA and the 3D analysis tool is fantastic. Golfers coming to me have a better understanding of their swing (strengths and weaknesses). I can see the data produced and much more effectively plan their strength and conditioning programmes based around their swing analysis. It is a great way of continually assessing the S&C work objectively and allowing the golfer a better chance of improving."

James Parker BSc, CSCS, UKSCA accredited


"As a frustrated mid-handicapper, I have struggled over the last few years with video training sessions to try to improve my game further - with little success. I have since worked with Mark and Stewart using the unique 3D-swing analysis equipment they have available at my local driving range. The initial work involved getting an overview of several measured parameters associated with my current golf swing using sensors positioned around the body and subsequently identifying which of those were outside the range of accepted values - which was remarkably easy to see from the colourful summary report.

Mark and Stewart were very quickly able to analyse the set of results as a whole and give advice on which areas we needed to work on. The equipment was then switched into a different mode to isolate the areas of interest and produce audible tones that provided feedback on whether the swing movements made were correct. Once the movements had been 'learned' I was then able to reproduce these without the use of the audible tones whilst Mark and Stewart monitored the results in real time on the computer to confirm whether I was in fact still making the right movements. The end result is that the two or three key areas that were affecting my swing were isolated, corrected, and then put back together properly to make a real impact on my game. Importantly, if I find I am having problems with my game I am able to go back and very quickly correct the errors in the swing.

I recommend the 3D system used by Mark and Stewart as a thoroughly effective technique for improving your golf swing, whatever level you play at. Furthermore, as a European and UK patent attorney, it must rank as one of the most innovative bits of kit I have seen in years."

Peter Finnie (14 handicap) - Addington Palace Golf Club


"After two sessions with Mark and Stewart, I was able to clearly understand the deficiencies of my swing and how to correct them. My swing and performance improved visibly after several biofeedback sessions and on the whole I was delighted with the progress I made. I think that the main breakthrough that this system brings to teaching golf is the fact that it tells you your mistakes quantitatively, which enables you to avoid overdoing what your teacher says and developing bad habits - something that has always been my problem. I would definitely strongly recommend biodynamics for all golfers who want to seriously improve their game."

Ilya Kondrashov - Royal Mougins Golf Club